The CSA Centre is working to explore disruption activity systematically, both in the context of policing in England and Wales and more broadly with other professionals who have a role to play in this area. Our work on disruption has three core components:

  • Identifying and better understanding current practice, barriers and enablers from both practitioner and strategic perspectives;
  • Identifying what is effective in what contexts and recommending opportunities for improving practice;
  • Providing recommendations for future partnership working to address the barriers identified.

Our research in this area aims to address:

  1. What is meant by CSA disruption and how is it currently carried out?
  2. What does good practice look like in relation to CSA disruption?
  3. Where could practice be improved and how?
  4. What are the key challenges practitioners face in relation to disrupting CSA?

Work currently underway:

  • A review of the current literature
  • A survey of frontline and strategic professionals
  • Focus groups held with police and multi-agency practitioners