Publications available now

Key messages from research on child sexual exploitation for social work, police, health and education services, and multi-agency working. Three are paired – with one for frontline practitioners and one for commissioners

Improving understanding of the scale and nature of child sexual abuse

How to support parents of sexually exploited young people: An evidence review

Other work strands underway

Publications expected in the autumn:

  • A review of use of tools and checklists to assess risk of child sexual exploitation
  • A scoping study on the characteristics and perspectives of perpetrators
  • A scoping study on the effectiveness of interventions with perpetrators of child sexual exploitation
  • A scoping review and gap analysis of interventions for perpetrators of online child sexual exploitation
  • An initial analysis of local commissioning

We have launched an Evaluation Fund to which other organisations can apply. The Evaluation Fund aims to assist services to put in place the fundamental building blocks that lay the basis for evaluating what works to prevent and tackle child sexual abuse and exploitation, to improve the response to, and outcomes for, children and young people. Applications by 7 July 2017.

Evaluation Fund


Longer-term priorities and plans


We aren’t starting from scratch: a body of research and practice development has developed over the years that we can build on. We want to make sure we put our energy into the areas where we can add most value. That’s why we asked professionals working in the field what we should focus on.

Details and report on our consultation on our priorities