05 Feb 2025


Supporting parents / carers when their child may have been sexually abused

A free webinar helping professionals understand how child sexual abuse affects parents and their children, when concerns are raised.


05 Feb 2025







Research shows that the support the child receives from their main caregivers and wider family is one of the most significant factors in affecting the longer-term impacts of sexual abuse and will have a big influence on how a child will understand and respond to what has happened.
This free one-hour webinar aims to help to give professionals guidance for situations where the child has been sexually abused by an adult or adults or experienced another child’s harmful sexual behaviour, whether this has taken place inside or outside their family environment.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for professionals across children’s and adults’ social care, health (primary care, mental health, midwifery, health visiting), prisons, probation, police, adoption services, fostering services and any other relevant services in contact with parent(s) and/or carer(s).

It can be used to guide your thinking in supporting parents and carers of any age, including those with special education needs, following concerns or incidents of child sexual abuse and harmful sexual behaviour.

By supporting parents and carers, professionals are not only helping the whole family recover, but also increasing the likelihood of the best possible outcome for the child. The timings of this webinar series have been selected to ensure that anyone, no matter their profession, should find a convenient time to be able to attend.

Child with family and professionals sat around a kitchen table

Following the webinar, you can expect to have:

• A good understanding of how the Supporting parents and carers guide can support you in your work.

• An understanding of the impact on parents/carers of children who have been sexually abused and their reactions to what has happened.

• Knowledge on what you can do to support parents/carers

Who will run the webinar?

This course will be led by an expert trainer who has significant experience in working with children and families where child sexual abuse is a concern, delivering training, and working within multi-agency safeguarding arrangements.


For more information on this webinar and series please contact training@csacentre.org.uk