Many of these cases have involved businesses such as fast-food outlets as meeting places, and offenders have used taxi firms and hotel rooms to facilitate and conduct abuse, often after dark. So workers in the ‘night-time economy’ have a potentially significant role to play in tackling CSE and child sexual abuse (CSA) more broadly.

Responding to child sexual abuse and exploitation in the night-time economy

A report by Jane Kerr, Rupal Patel, Jorgen Lovbakke, Caroline Paskell and Matt Barnard, NatCen Social Research

In early 2017, we commissioned a study from NatCen Social Research to help build an understanding of what night-time economy workers currently know and do about CSA and CSE. An online survey was responded to by self-defined night-time economy workers in environments including restaurants, bars, shops, public transport and emergency services.

The study found diversity in workers’ knowledge of the warning signs and how to respond, their experience of and interest in training, and their awareness of campaigns on this issue.

This report sets out how the study was conducted, presents the findings, and makes recommendations for those who develop and deliver training and campaigns around CSA/CSE for workers in the night-time economy.

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