Having more accurate figures about the levels of CSA local authorities encounter will help them to allocate resources appropriately and develop services that meet victims’ needs, leading to a better response to CSA.

The CSA Centre, with the Welsh Government, are currently developing a study of local authority data recording on CSA in two Welsh local authorities to improve the estimate of known CSA cases dealt with by social care services. The research will:

  • audit samples of children’s case files across different teams in two Welsh local authorities;
  • look at a snapshot of cases referred to social services because of CSA concerns, and the outcomes of those referrals;
  • interview team managers and social workers in both local authorities to hear their views (which will be reported anonymously).

The audit of case files will compare practices in the two local authorities, and will seek to answer questions such as:

  • How many children for whom CSA concerns have been raised are ‘hidden’ in other categories of abuse (neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse), and why?
  • Do those children receive any intervention for CSA?
  • What happens to children who are referred but for whom concerns do not meet the thresholds for local authority interventions?

Scale and nature infographics (PDF, 3.0 MB)