The CSA Centre’s ‘effectiveness’ strand has three core components:

  1. The Evaluation Fund
  2. The knowledge review
  3. The evaluation study


The Evaluation Fund 

Our Evaluation Fund has made progress towards addressing this gap in knowledge by laying essential evaluation foundations with 17 organisations that deliver services to children and young people. The Fund has supported services to become evaluation-ready, to enable them to self-evaluate and produce stronger evidence on their way of working. Grantees have given examples of achievements they have made through the Fund. Further learning will be discussed in a report before the end of 2018.

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The knowledge review (to be completed by December 2018)

Studying effectiveness of services in this field is challenging as children who experience CSA, rightly, receive a flexible, responsive, multi-agency service. To set the groundwork for an evaluation of services, the CSA Centre commissioned London Metropolitan University and DMSS  to undertake a knowledge review to identify key positive elements of practice when responding to CSA. This had a particular (though not exclusive) focus on those who are in or are leaving care and/or those who have learning difficulties/disabilities .

As part of the knowledge review we are inviting services that respond to child sexual abuse to complete a survey by 13th August.

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The evaluation study (from January 2019)

The findings from the knowledge review will inform an evaluation study to measure the effectiveness of specialist services responding to CSA, by investigating the short and medium term outcomes for service users, triangulating their own and others’ perspectives.