Evaluation Fund

Supporting services to build their evaluation capacity: evaluation grants for the child sexual abuse and exploitation sector.


Following a competitive application process, with 61 applications received, the CSA Centre is delighted to announce 17 Evaluation Fund grants to enable frontline services across England and Wales to become evaluation-ready. These run for six months from October 2017 to March 2018. Front-line services often struggle to investigate the effectiveness of their delivery due to the lack of time, resources or expertise. These grants provide a unique opportunity for our grantees to lay the groundwork for working towards the CSA Centre’s aim of understanding what is effective practice to prevent and tackle child sexual exploitation and abuse. These opportunities were offered to organisations with a track record of delivering CSA services to young people across England and Wales.

Successful grantees deliver support to a range of children and young people, including children with learning difficulties, children in care, asylum seekers and trafficked children. Services provided includes education in schools, case work, therapy and group work with young people.

As part of its Evaluation Fund programme of work, the CSA Centre aims to deliver additional support to grantees and wider organisations aiming to carry out similar activities. For many of our grantee organisations the first step to building evaluation capacity was to develop an effective Theory of Change specific to their work with children. This video presentation was developed to assist in this process.



Purpose of the fund

Grantees will use the funds to complete a number of activities to support effective evaluation, including:

  1. Work to document the service model/ to document a specific intervention
  2. Work to create a Theory of Change or logic model
  3. Work to create a monitoring and evaluation framework/ plan
  4. Work to identify specific outcomes
  5. Work to identify appropriate outcome measurement tools/ approaches
  6. Work to learn from service users’ perspectives on meaningful outcomes for them
  7. Work to help analyse and reflect upon existing service data
  8. Work to embed or update the collection of data, within IT and/or administrative systems
  9. Work to pilot an established evaluation model and put in place processes to analyse the evaluation data from service users

Each bidding organisation was asked to partner with an expert in evaluation. The details of the successful organisations and their evaluation partners are outlined below.


List of grantees



Evaluation partners

Ariel Trust.

A creative, interactive prevention programme delivered in schools across Merseyside


Daniel Ellis - Dartington Service Design Lab

Basis Yorkshire.

A partnership that provides specialist support to young women across Yorkshire who are or have been sexually exploited (or at significant risk). Support includes early intervention, therapy, group work and specialist counselling.


Amy Woolger

The Rape and Sexual Violence Project (RSVP).

Provides support for children and young people in Birmingham and Solihull who have experienced sexual abuse. Their services include crisis counselling, longer-term counselling, advocacy and prevention/educational tools.


Karen Garry - Consultant

Brighton & Hove City Council.

Delivers children’s social work services across Brighton and Hove.


Kristine Hickle - University of Sussex


Delivers group work to trafficked boys and girls across London and Manchester, many of whom have experienced sexual abuse or sexual exploitation.

London and Manchester

Lucie Shuker - Institute of Applied Social Research

The Green House Bristol.

Delivers therapy services for people who have experienced sexual abuse at any point in their lives with the aim of increasing their mental health, wellbeing and resilience.


Janine Edwards - Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI)

Magdalene Group.

Provides one-to-one support to children and young people who have experienced or are at-risk of CSE across Norfolk


Centre of Health and Justice - University of Nottingham

Emma Bond - University of Suffolk

Lorraine Khan - Centre for Mental Health

New Pathways, Wales.

Provides one-to-one support for children and young people who have experienced CSA/E.


OB3 Research

Rape Crisis South London, Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre.

Supports young female survivors of rape and sexual abuse in the 12 South London boroughs towards recovery through long-term counselling, ISVA support, Body Therapy, Training and Prevention, and Outreach.


Dr. Fiona Vera-Gray - Consultant


Provides one-to-one psychotherapy to children with learning difficulties that have experienced sexual abuse or are at-risk of sexual exploitation. Support is mainly delivered in special schools.


Lindsay Hodgson and Fiona Meeks - Catch Impact

Safe and Sound Group.

Works to keep children and young people safe from Child Sexual Abuse/Exploitation/Violence (CSE). They reach out to those affected by CSE by providing one-to-one/group support to help young people move to a place of physical/mental/emotional safety and provide training/resources nationally.


Sara Scott - DMSS

Safer London.

Works to prevent and address gang violence, vulnerability and sexual exploitation, providing needs led intensive support, early intervention and mentoring through extensive, pan London services.


Kristine Hickle - University of Sussex

Sheffield Futures.

Provides support to children and young people who have experienced CSA/CSE.


Sarah Lloyd – Consultant

Survivors' Network.

Provides a range of services for children and young people affected by sexual abuse including counselling, advocacy, befriending, information and advice, a helpline and peer support


Dr. Ceri Davies – Consultant

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.

Preventative education for young asylum seekers (boys and girls) across the South East.


Roland Marden - RM Insight

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.

Provides the Sexual Assault Referral Centre services across Sussex for children under the age of 14 years.


Dr Claire Rosten – University of Brighton

Women and Girls Network.

Provides a range of holistic services for any women who has experienced gender-based violence. Support includes medium-long advocacy, advice, counselling and therapeutic and psycho-educational group work.


Shannon Harvey - External consultant



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