Professionals from multiple agencies discussing civil orders


NEW: Civil orders for sexual and violent offending


6 to 25


2 hours


Online / in-person


£300 / £350 (in-person) + VAT

This concise but effective 2-hour course provides an overview of the civil orders that can be used to prevent sexual and violent offending and safeguard young people. It will explore evidential issues, language and definitions, and implications for those subject to orders. Importantly the course will reflect on ethical considerations and implications of using these orders, particularly in relation to young people.

There will be time during the course for participants to discuss challenges in applying and using civil orders within their own practice and areas of work.

Who is this course for

This course is for professionals across policing, children’s social care, health, education, third sector and charitable organisations and any other relevant services in contact with children, young people, parents or carers.

What you can expect to learn

Following this training, you can expect to gain a better understanding of and confidence i:

  • Civil orders and how they can be used in practice
  • The different burdens of evidential proof relating to both criminal and civil orders in cases of child sexual abuse
  • Civil orders both with or without a substantive conviction (i.e. civil orders that can be applied regardless of whether or not the individual has been charged/cautioned by the police and/or convicted at court)
  • The civil order application process
  • Implications for people subject to civil orders
  • Knowing which civil orders may be helpful in individual cases
  • Challenging the appropriateness of civil orders

Really informative and applicable to practice. This training was very much needed, can see it as an example of future best practice for multi-agency professionals working in child sexual abuse. Can’t think of a better training course I have been on for a long time. Thank you.
Senior Practitioner, The Junction, South Yorkshire