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We are the Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse (CSA Centre). We want children to be able to live free from the threat and harm of sexual abuse.

Our aim is to reduce the impact of CSA through improved prevention and better response.

Who we are

We are a multi-disciplinary team, funded by the Home Office, hosted by Barnardo’s and work closely with key partners from academic institutions, local authorities, health, education, police and the voluntary sector. However, we are independent and will challenge any barriers, assumptions, taboos and ways of working that prevent us from increasing our understanding and improving our approach to child sexual abuse.

To tackle child sexual abuse we must understand its causes, scope, scale and impact. We know a lot about CSA and have made progress in dealing with it, but there are still many gaps in our knowledge and understanding which limit how effectively we are tackling the issue.

The scale and nature of child sexual abuse

Our new report, published in June 2021, examines the latest information from prevalence studies and official service data. A must-read on what we do and don’t know about child sexual abuse.

Our latest report

We bring about change by:

  • Collating and analysing existing research, policy, practice and the real experiences of those affected, and filling the gaps we identify with new research, insights and analysis.
  • Using that evidence and insight to develop new approaches and apply learning in practice.
Our team

Our latest blog

Not Just Numbers

In this blog, Kairika Karsna, our Senior Research and Evaluation Officer, reflects on the findings of her most recent Scale and Nature report (with Professor Liz Kelly). She explores local variations in data, the implications of under-identification, why accurate recording is important and – essentially – how data can help us make better decisions to protect more children.

Kairika Karsna
August 2021

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Discover our latest courses for 2021/22 including: Intra-familial child sexual abuse, Working with non-abusing parents and carers, Harmful sexual behaviour, Sibling sexual abuse, and our acclaimed Child Sexual Abuse Practice Leads Programme.

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Our partners

Our Advisory Board is made up of representatives from key partner organisations:

Partner logos: Durham University, Coventry University, London Metropolitan University, University of Lincoln, University of Birmingham, NHS England, Local Government Association, Barnardo's, National Police Chiefs's Council, College of Policing

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