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NEW: Train the trainer – Intra-familial child sexual abuse (multi-agency)


6 to 10




In person only


£4,500 + VAT

Intra-familial child sexual abuse has been neglected for some time in pre- and post-qualifying training, leaving many professionals working in multi-agency arrangements feeling ill-equipped in the knowledge, skills, and confidence to work on those affected by intra-familial child sexual abuse.

The CSA Centre’s one-day course: ‘Intra-familial child sexual abuse – an introduction for professionals in multi-agency arrangements’ directly addresses this gap, with excellent feedback from participants. Building on that course, this ‘train the trainer’ course aims to equip those working in multi-agency arrangements with the knowledge, associated training materials and resources to embed this course into their own training programmes. The ambition of this is to support you to increase knowledge internally; reducing reliance on external commissioning and provide sustainable learning across the work force.

This course is perfect for those whose role already includes sharing knowledge and learning with others, and who would like to deliver this introductory training on intra-familial child sexual abuse in their place of work. On completion, participants will be equipped with the expertise, materials and resources needed to confidently share this important learning with others. This course plays a fundamental role in getting everyone closer to an improved professional response to child sexual abuse.

What can you expect to gain?

By taking part in our Train the trainer course, you will develop your understanding of the following areas to enable participants to train others:

  • The scale and nature of child sexual abuse.
  • The challenges and obstacles in practice, and how to overcome these.
  • How the impact of child sexual abuse presents in children and young people.
  • How children communicate their experiences of sexual abuse, and the professional role in helping them do this.
  • Who it is who abuses children.
  • How and why sexual abuse happens in families.

You will also gain an increased knowledge of the tools, frameworks and resources which can support practice, of different exercises and methods of delivering training materials, and build confidence in delivering training on intra-familial child sexual abuse.

How the session will be run?

This course is delivered in person only, ideally on three consecutive days. Over the three days, the participant will learn to confidently deliver the 1-day course: ‘Intra-familial child sexual abuse – an introduction for professionals in multi-agency arrangements’ which will be divided into lesson groups, spread over the three days. The participants will then have the opportunity to practice delivering these lessons in small groups.

A central component of this practice will be giving and receiving constructive feedback from both fellow participants and from the facilitator. There will also be ample opportunity for participants to develop their understanding of each of the areas covered on the 1-day course in order to build their confidence in delivering the course themselves.

Day 1

The first day is an opportunity to observe the facilitator delivering the first part of the introductory course, engaging in focused learning. The introductory course is divided into eight lessons, and Day 1 will cover the first five of these.

  • Lesson 1 – Introduction
  • Lesson 2 – Setting the scene
  • Lesson 3 – Prevalence of child sexual abuse
  • Lesson 4 – The obstacles in practice
  • Lesson 5 – Impact, signs and indicators of child sexual abuse

There will then be an opportunity for participants to practice delivering this material in small groups. Each practice session will end with an opportunity for feedback and reflection. Lastly, participants will have the opportunity to consider self-care in more detail, sharing thoughts and suggestions with the group.

Day 2

The second day will provide the opportunity for participants to observe delivery of lessons 6 and 7 before practicing these sessions in small groups.

  • Lesson 6 – Children’s disclosures and the social work role
  • Lesson 7 – Who commits sexual abuse?
Day 3

The third day will begin with a focused discussion on maximising opportunities for embedding the learning in your local area, followed by facilitator delivery and opportunity to practice lessons 8 and 9.

  • Lesson 8 – How sexual abuse happens in families
  • Lesson 9 – In conclusion

I just want to say a big thank you to you all for the Train the Trainer package you have delivered. All verbal feedback I have received has been so positive. You have really inspired our social workers to want to get this message and training out across our region, thank you.

Partnership Manager