Variations in identification and response

Graphic comparing two areas recording of child sexual abuse offences. Long description follows.

The number of child sexual abuse offences recorded per 1,000 children ranged from three to 13 across police forces in England and Wales.

Graphic showing the variation in charges across police force areas. Long description follows.

Outcomes of criminal justice investigations vary, with proportions of investigations varying in charge from 5% to 20% in different police areas.

Graphic showing disparities in areas for children at risk of child sexual abuse. Long description follows.

Some local authority assessments in England identified no children at risk of CSA, whilst others identified up to 115 for every 10,000 children. 

Graphic showing disparities across local authorities of children on a protection plan for CSA. Long description follows.

Some local authorities in England and Wales placed no children on a protection plan because of sexual abuse, whilst others place 13 for every 10,000.

References: Department for Education: Characteristics of children in need: 2019 to 2020. Home Office Police Recorded Crime and Outcomes, year ending March 2020, updated 28 October 2020.

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