How can we better protect children?

Graphic representing the gap between recorded abuse and experiences. Long description follows.

We need to address the gap between the number of children who experience sexual abuse and the much smaller number identified and supported by agencies. 

Graphic suggesting verbal disclosures are unlikely in childhood. Long description follows.

Currently child sexual abuse is rarely uncovered and most children are unlikely to tell at the time.

Graphic of identification of cases and children falling. Long description follows.

Identification of child sexual abuse cases has fallen, across child protection and police data.

Graphic suggesting safeguarding professionals need more training. Long description follows.

Safeguarding professionals are not getting the training and development they need to address concerns of child sexual abuse with confidence.

Graphic of a survey. Long description follows.

We need to carry out a dedicated national prevalence survey of child sexual abuse.

Data graphic. Long description follows.

To encourage local and national agencies to improve data recording of all concerns of child sexual abuse.

Illustration to represent training. Long description follows.

Provide dedicated training so professionals have confidence to recognise the signs and indicators of child sexual abuse.

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