Sharon Stratton


Sharon works as Policing Standards Manager in Vulnerability and Public Protection for the College of Policing, specialising in areas including rape, domestic violence, child sexual exploitation and abuse, stalking, trafficking, managing offenders, etc. Working closely with the National Policing leads, the Home Office and service providers for public protection, she is responsible for developing effective training, professional standards and the evidence base for all UK policing relating to public protection matters.

She is a retired Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) officer. During her 31 years service, mostly as a detective, she specialised for many years both operationally and strategically in public protection matters predominantly domestic abuse, child protection, honour based violence, stalking and sexual offending. She has spoken at many UK and international conferences on the UK policing response to public protection matters and delivered training on related matters across a variety of agencies.

She was part of the ‘Expert Panel’ convened to develop the DASH risk model and sits on the Home Office Quality Assurance panel for Domestic Homicide review.

She is co-author of a book entitled ‘Policing Domestic Violence’ published by Oxford University Press in November 2008 (under revision) and wrote a commentary for the ‘Handbook of Sexual Violence’ Routledge, 2011. She recently received an award at the College Domestic Abuse Champions Event, for her work in domestic homicide prevention.