Portrait of Anna Glinski

Anna Glinski

"We mustn't rely on a child to tell us verbally in order to take action"chevron_right

In our latest blog by Anna Glinksi, Deputy Director for Knowledge and Practice Development, we discuss how our new Signs and Indicators Template came to be; it's grounding in practice, process of development - and a lightbulb moment, or two. 

Portrait of Dr Sophie Laws

Dr Sophie Laws

Building understanding of child sexual abuse: bringing researchers togetherchevron_right

In this new blog from Dr Sophie Laws, Deputy Director, Research & Evaluation, we take a look at our recent PhD workshop and the importance of investing in the next generation of researchers and filling gaps in our knowledge base on child sexual abuse across disciplines.

Portrait of Emma Harewood

Emma Harewood

"Data outputs are only as good as the information that the practitioners enter into the system"chevron_right

This guest blog is by Emma Harewood, Strategic Lead at the Lighthouse. She shares her team’s experiences using the CSA Centre's data improvement tool to help assess their case management system and identify areas for improvement. A great and open account of how it was using the tool and how it has benefitted the Lighthouse's practice.

Portrait of Kairika Karsna

Kairika Karsna

Not Just Numberschevron_right

In this blog, Kairika Karsna, our Senior Research and Evaluation Officer, reflects on the findings of her most recent Scale and Nature report (with Professor Liz Kelly). She explores local variations in data, the implications of under-identification, why accurate recording is important and – essentially – how data can help us make better decisions to protect more children.

Portrait of Jabeer Butt

Jabeer Butt

I was shocked: it doesn't feel like we've moved on from the ninetieschevron_right

The CEO of the Race Equality Foundation, Jabeer Butt, reflects on our latest report ‘Improving responses to the sexual abuse of Black, Asian and minority ethnic children’ with this impassioned guest blog.

Blog posts give the views of the author, and are not necessarily those of the Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse.