Portrait of Kairika Karsna

Kairika Karsna

What the new ONS child abuse compendium tells uschevron_right

Last week the Office of National Statistics (ONS) published a child abuse compendium. The CSA Centre has been involved in the working group developing the child sexual abuse (CSA) chapter of the compendium over the past two years.  Senior Research and Evaluation Officer, Kairika Karsna, writes about what we can learn from the new report and some of the challenges it highlights.

Portrait of Anna Glinski

Anna Glinski

The myth of 'absolute knowing': when is the evidence enough?chevron_right

In this blog Deputy Director for Knowledge and Practice Development, Anna Glinski, discusses the tension between the criminal and safeguarding burdens of proof and how this can impact on social work decision making where there are concerns of child sexual abuse.

Portrait of Nick Marsh

Nick Marsh

Care versus control: reflections on child protection practiceschevron_right

Our Practice Improvement Advisor (Multi Agency), Nick Marsh, writes about his recent trip to Australia and sharing learning internationally about working with adolescents who have experienced extra-familial sexual abuse. 

Portrait of Jane Wiffin

Jane Wiffin

Don't wait for them to tell us: recognising and responding to signs of child sexual abusechevron_right

This week the CSA centre published ‘Key messages from research on identifying and responding to disclosures of child sexual abuse’. In this blog our Practice Improvement Advisor for Social Work, Jane Wiffin, reflects on what those key messages mean for the safety of children and young people and what needs to be done within the statutory child protection system to best respond when children signal or speak out about the abuse and harm they are experiencing.

Portrait of Sherrelle Parke

Sherrelle Parke

Local challenges to addressing the exploitation of childrenchevron_right

Senior Research and Evaluation Officer, Sherrelle Parke, reflects on the challenges local authorities face, and why bridging the gap with research knowledge is welcome on the front line.

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