Portrait of Dr Sophie Laws

Dr Sophie Laws

Intra-familial abuse: learning from children and young peoplechevron_right

This blog is the first in a series where our Deputy Director for Research and Evaluation, Dr Sophie Laws, highlights research done by other people (not the CSA Centre) that improves understanding of child sexual abuse.

Portrait of Dr Gregory Hall

Dr Gregory Hall

Thinking about what workschevron_right

Gregory outlines some of the challenges involved in evaluating and commissioning effective services and how the CSA Centre is working to improve understanding of ‘what works’.

Portrait of Cassi Harrison

Cassi Harrison

Improving our response to child sexual abusechevron_right

Cassi reflects on giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee, the challenges we face in preventing and responding to CSA and how we can improve our capacity to better protect children.

Portrait of Dr Gregory Hall

Dr Gregory Hall

Risk tools, risk-talk and relationshipschevron_right

Gregory looks at the difficulties of assessing risk in relation to CSE and lays out how the CSA Centre is working to explore and address some of these issues.

Portrait of Dr Gregory Hall

Dr Gregory Hall

Knowledge and practice blogchevron_right

Gregory explores the question 'How common is child sexual abuse?', what the research currently tells us and what that means for practice. 

Blog posts give the views of the author, and are not necessarily those of the Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse.