Child Sexual Abuse Practice Leads Programme – Follow-up consultation

This year of follow-up sessions offers a further opportunity to build on and embed learning from the Practice Leads Programme.


Up to 25


One year (2.5 hours a month)




£3000 + VAT

Best practice and evidence is constantly evolving and changing. This is especially true as we continue to improve our understanding of the scale and nature of child sexual abuse.

Uniquely available to graduates of the 10-day Child Sexual Abuse Practice Leads Programme and the five-day Child Sexual Abuse Practice Leads Programme, this Follow-up consultation programme offers a further opportunity to embed learning into practice, through facilitated monthly case discussion sessions for a period of one year after graduation from the programme.

These sessions will provide Child Sexual Abuse Practice Leads with ongoing opportunities to:

  • apply learning to practice with guidance from a CSA Centre expert
  • address any challenges they have experienced in applying their learning to practice
  • explore a variety of cases and case dilemmas in a supported environment
  • apply tools and resources to ‘real life’ cases
  • share ideas and opportunities for cascading learning within their teams or organisation.

What you can expect to learn

  • Improved ability to apply learning from the Child Sexual Abuse Practice Leads Programme to complex cases.
  • Increased confidence in advising others on cases.
  • Greater ability to self-manage reflective learning.

How the programme will be run

Participants will meet, virtually, once a month for a dedicated 2.5-hour session facilitated by a CSA Centre expert who has a background in case consultation within the participants’ field of work.

Each session, participants will be expected to bring cases or case dilemmas from their own practice, or cases they have been asked to consult on, for a group discussion. Case responsibility and decision-making will remain with the local authority, but participants will be facilitated to support one another in analysing case material by applying learning from the Child Sexual Abuse Practice Leads Programme to their work.

I feel like I’m learning just as much as I did in the training. It has been constantly reinforced so it has slowly become embedded. We are actively using our learning in our area, so it feels really valuable and we are being valued for being on the programme and it feels like we are making a difference.
Practice Lead