Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse

Our aim is to reduce the impact of child sexual abuse through improved prevention and better response.

Child sexual abuse of African, Asian and Caribbean heritage children

The CSA Centre and Barnardo’s SEEN have published the first overview of research in relation to the sexual abuse of African, Asian and Caribbean heritage children.

The scale and nature of child sexual abuse

About us

Since we were founded in 2017, the CSA Centre has sought to improve the understanding of and response to child sexual abuse.


Funded by the Home Office and hosted by Barnardo’s, our team collates and analyses existing research, policy, practice, and the experiences of survivors, to allow us to fill the gaps with new research, insights and analysis.

With a multi-disciplinary team, we then use that evidence and insight to develop new approaches and apply learning in practice through training and resources.


By professionals, researchers, policymakers, businesses and communities working together, we believe that we can tackle child sexual abuse.